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In 1981 Ian Ritchie established his own architectural practice – Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd. (iRAL) and co-founded Rice Francis Ritchie (RFR) a design engineering practice in Paris – with Peter Rice and Martin Francis.

RFR did seminal work during the 80s on the Museum of Science, Technology and Industry at La Villette, and the Louvre – pyramids and sculpture courts.

By the 1990s iRAL had became world-renowned for their glass structures, material-technical innovation and intelligent environmental and sustainable design – of which iRAL’s most recent major project, the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour, in London, completed in 2016, is an evolution.

iRAL has won over 60 competitions in Europe and the UK and received over 70 national and international awards.

Being: An Architect

In this book extract Ian Ritchie RA reveals the deeper meaning of his life as an architect

A career in architecture engages with so many disciplines and aspects of life it is impossible not to enjoy it. The cyclical phenomena of nature – day following night following day, the life-regenerating cycle of the seasons – provide evidence for the Taoist paradigm. Successes and failures in architecture are part of the duality of being alive – happy and sad, good and bad, life and death. I am reminded that no amount of darkness can extinguish a candle’s flame. This is why, for me, optimism always prevails.