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Oxford Science Park

Oxford Science Park: IsometricA 30,000 sq ft office building on three levels located at Oxford Science Park, a joint venture development by the Prudential and Magdalen College, master planned by Robert Rummey Associates.
The building rises above a terrace which floats above undercroft parking. The parking is well sheltered from view by vegetation and topography, thus liberating adjacent land for extensive landscaping. Visitor car parking is at ground level.
The spatial organisation allows for either single or multiple occupancy, providing clear and adaptable accommodation for young high-tech businesses. Environmental control options allow for a flexible range of approaches at each floor level and individual choices from natural ventilation through to full air conditioning.
The over-sailing roof to the south shades the full height glazing and provides a sheltered entrance area. To the east and west, cantilevered steel beams support horizontal curtains of stainless steel mesh which float 3 metres away from the facade and provide a visual buffer and shading to the continuous strip windows.
The design of the building develops a concept of hierarchical layers of envelope density from periphery to core along the east-west axis. The outer layer is expressed by the landscape foliage, proceeding through to the stainless steel mesh panels, a rendered masonry outer wall with continuous strip windows, and terminating with an inner wall of rendered masonry with “punched” window openings which defines the inner ‘impluvium’ space.

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11/1997 BUILDING

Oxford Science Park

Oxford, UK

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