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Le Verre Structurel (Structural Glass)

The authors describe how the exceptional serres, or greenhouses, of the Musee des Sciences et de I’Industries at Parc La Villette, Paris, were achieved by the architectural and engineering firm Rice, Francis, Ritchie in the 1980s. All stages of the design philosophy, method and implementation of structural glass – developed by Peter Rice, one of the greatest engineers of the twentieth century – are described in detail, with analytical drawings and photographs, not omitting the difficulties and obstacles encountered. Structural Glass is a passionate account of the intellectual approach and techniques involved in high-technology projects, where architecture plays a role in the development of an evolving technical culture.

Le Verre Structurel
Peter Rice, Hugh Dutton.
Paris: Editions Le Moniteur, 1990
ISBN: 2281190420

Structural Glass
2nd Edition – translated, revised & expanded by Hugh Dutton
London; New York: E & FN Spon, 1995
ISBN: 9780419199403

Le Verre Structurel - book cover