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Management Madness, 2007

Client, Architect, Builder.
It was a simple construct.
My mind imagining, my hand drawing, engaging the client,
then the maker, the builder.

Today, the management advice leviathan
Rides every sea of commerce and culture
Taking little or no responsibility from those
who are supposed to carry responsibility,
but who prefer the mirage of assurance,
of reassurance, of independent project managers.
Thus the advisor, the management consultants –
Our industry’s own behemoth – burns the lands
Of creativity, makes weak the spirit of adventure,
Makes supine the client and impotent the architect.

If this is the process of refining wisdom
That allows arrogance without knowledge or experience
To suck our energy into a miasma of mediocrity
We have only ourselves to blame.
Not screaming ‘stop this absurdity,
this draining of national resource,
this irresponsibility, this mindless waste of money’.

© Ian Ritchie 2007

“an infallible rule: a prince who is not himself wise cannot be wisely advised…
good advice, wherever it comes from, depend on the shrewdness of the prince
who seeks it, and not the shrewdness of the prince on good advice’.
(The Prince, Nicollo Machiavelli, 1513)

Is the reason that management advisers have so much influence with so little, for the recipient doesn’t know what is really needed? (IR 2008)