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Notes on a Monument, 1998/1999


Drawing inspiration from Ireland’s light
its skies, its landscape, its history
A 21st century monument by day and night.

a high and elegant structure
To symbolise growth, search, release, thrust,
and Ireland’s future.

It is a 21st century interpretation
of standing stones and obelisks.
and of Ireland’s condition.

Anchored firmly in the street
Reflecting climate, a cone 120 metres high
of rolled stainless steel sheet

shot peened to reflect, softly, the changing
light of the sky,
gently in the wind swaying.

lluminated at night
Surmounting the monument
a white conical glass light.

On a base of Wicklow white granite,
or Kilkenny black marble
the monument is rooted to its site.

A hand drawn Celtic spiral in stone
reflects history and continuous motion
of both life and cone.

pulsating mercury
flows as youth and vigour
of Ireland’s dynamic new society.

Spiral and light, symbols past and present
The synergy between tip, cone and base
embrace light as the essence of the monument.

Figures and words, creativity
and human scale at street level
a spiral extends beyond the city.

© IR September 1998