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What is the Task of The Arts in the 21st Century? 2017

Art will be the spiritual voice of society – a global refuge in an age of planetary upheaval.
Art’s task is to inform and help develop human sensuality – our basic language.
Art is biological, procreative as nature, moving and evolving us in turn.
We live in a thin screen-age of disinformation and society has substituted fickle taste, and amusement without responsibility, for truth. Artists should disown and ringingly lament this era’s affliction of consumption.
Every act has an impact so Artists should act more than ever, to show the reverberant core of compassion and freedom. We present laughter, the soul’s language, and the victory of this language over dogma creates progress towards a commonality of supporting each other and the planet.

© 2017 Ian Ritchie for the special issue of the Journal der Künste by Akademie der Künste members