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International New Young Architects Albums

The French Minister of Culture, Catherine Tasca, has launched the New International Albums for Young Architects.

Ian Ritchie has accepted the invitation from the French Ministry of Culture through the DAPA to be president of the international jury consisting of 5 architects, 2 clients and 2 critics that will select the first Young Architect laureates from this initiative.

How do you build, be invited to participate in competitions, get to know potential clients and gain their confidence when you are a young architect less than 35 years old?

In 1980, the French were the first country to launch such an initiative in favour of young French architects. Up until 1994 more than 250 architects benefitted from this support, including Michel Kagan, Jean-Paul Morel, Francoise Jourda, Giles Perraudin, Dominique Perrault, Jean-Marc Ibos and Odile Decq.

This new bi-annual Albums for Young Architects is directed towards favouring young architects, not only from France, to receive commissions based upon their design and aptitude qualities.
We understand that any young architect who has participated in a French competition or realized a project in France is eligible to submit his candidature.