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Ian Ritchie: Architects Council of Europe representative on ECTP

Ian Ritchie appointed as Architects Council of Europe representative on the European Construction Technology Platform, High Level Group.

The Architects Council of Europe (ACE) has secured a seat on the High Level Group (HLG) of the newly established European Construction Technology Platform for a representative of the profession. The ACE has nominated Ian Ritchie to fulfil this role in the ECTP High Level Group.

The objective of the Platform is to develop a Vision 2030 for the construction sector and to devise a Strategic Research Agenda for the achievement of that vision.

The HLG brings together the high level representatives of the construction industry from all over Europe, together with the Commissioner for Research of the EU, Ministers of the Member States, Members of the European Parliament and high level representatives of civil society.

The ACE is deeply involved in the work to set up the platform and is leading the work on Urban Issues within the ECTP. The ACE is the representative organisation for the architectural profession in Europe whose Members are the Professional Representative Organisations from all of the EU Member States and Norway and Switzerland. As such it represents about 450,000 architects from Europe.

The HLG will meet twice a year to ensure that the Platform is going in the right strategic direction.