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Visiting Professors in Building Physics The Arup Foundation

The Ove Arup Foundation has initiated a new programme within a number of the UK’s top university engineering departments, by inviting their interest in appointing a Visiting Professor of Building Engineering Physics.

The aim is to enable good engineering departments to increase the interdisciplinary nature of their courses through laying greater stress on building services engineering. Ultimately, we want to see a much bigger pool of very bright engineers embarking on a career in a field of engineering that is growing all the time in its significance both to our built environment and to building the base for a sustainable future.

Arup Foundation hope to be in a position soon, by joining forces with other parties with whom they are currently in negotiation, to fund two or more posts. Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd. has committed its support, along with the Royal Academy of Engineers (www.raeng.org.uk) Buro Happold (www.burohappold.com) and CIBSE (www.cibse.org).