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RCE 1851

Ian has been member of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851’s selection panel for its Research Fellowships in The Built Environment for the past few years and, also since 2006, its Research Fellowships in Design. The 2008 Research Fellowships is currently being reviewed by the panel of Alan Baxter, Dr Joanna Kennedy, Lord Lindley and Ian. The Research Fellowships are worth £60,000 over two years.

The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 was established in 1850 by Her Majesty Queen Victoria to mastermind the Great Exhibition. Prince Albert was its President and took personal charge of the whole complex operation.

It was so successful on many levels, including financially. Its legacy enables the RCE 1851 to annually give £1.6m.

A century and a half on, the Commission’s educational programme perpetuates the Great Exhibition’s original vision.

It has seen hundreds of Fellows go on to excel in science and engineering, and more recently design. There have been dozens of Nobel Prize winners among them.