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Royal Docks, London

(c) Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd - Royal Docks view looking west towards Canary WharfThe GLA Mayor, Boris Johnson presented the Royal Docks floating village concept at MIPIM. The concept, by Ian Ritchie Architects was developed for the LDA and RoDMA as a strategic development proposal for the Royal Docks.

It was endorsed last year by the RoDMA board which includes all the major stakeholders in the area, including the LDA.

Boris Johnson Mayor of London said, “This site is unique. It has the potential to become one of the most sought after addresses in the capital while breathing new life back into London’s waterways.”

Sir Robin Wales, the Mayor of Newham said, “London is moving eastwards and the Royal Docks offer an investment opportunity in scale unmatched anywhere in Europe. This exciting development is a pivotal part of their reanimation. As today’s announcement shows, they have the capacity to attract modern sustainable businesses and deliver 21st century growth for the capital. It is essential that the transformation of the area translates into long-term prosperity, growth and jobs.”