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Being: an Architect

Memoirs and selected writings of Ian Ritchie. Written by Ian Ritchie with critical commentary by Roger Connah.

Published by the Royal Academy of Arts.Being: an Architect

This two-volume book combines the memoirs and selected writings of Ian Ritchie CBE RA, one of the most original contemporary architects. As his essays chart his development from a young maverick into an astute professional and teacher, his reflections on this journey create a picture of a remarkable artist and innovator who has consistently encouraged experimentation and collaboration in his field, and whose practice dissolves the boundaries of architecture, engineering and industry. Alongside these personal writings, an in-depth commentary by the architectural critic Roger Connah explores Ritchies achievements, his dynamic mode of working and the unusual position that he occupies at both the centre and the vanguard of architecture today.

Few architects write an autobiography. Few architects have as much to say about their biography as Ian Ritchie and in as many ways as he has now. In this two volume beautifully designed and printed tome, published by the Royal Academy of Arts, Ritchie opens up access not only to the creative and technological processes for which he is well known but also to his mind, his inner being and reveals his personal thoughts and feelings around what it is to be an architect. It is also full of his poetry, over 30 distributed at relevant points in the text.”…There is a great deal of analysis in these books, but what sticks particularly in my memory is the chart analysing the path of creativity through to design development. Ian has made a break-through here and encapsulates the essentially human processes going on in the conceptualising mind…Whatever it is that inspires a young person to consider the study of architecture, these books will certainly provide the momentum to dive in or steer clear. Hopefully they will be drawn to fully commit as Ian has, and thereby help make a better world, as Ian goes on doing.” (Extract from Richard Coleman’s review in World Architecture News)

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