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Akademie der Künste Archive Book

DOM has published a handsome volume copiously illustrated covering architectural archives and collections from the Akademie in Berlin.
This 560 page book presents the collection beautifully. It was edited by Eva-Maria Barkhofen, archivist at the Akademie.
Ian Ritchie’s contribution to the collection is included which features many celebrated architects, engineers and others working in the field of the built environment.

Master builders have been granted membership of the Akademie der Künste since 1696, the year of its foundation. The earliest materials within the Archive documenting the art of architecture date back to the end of the 18th century and give testimony to the pursuits of tutors and pupils at the Akademie. It was not until the end of the 1950s under the postwar president of the Akademie in West Berlin, the architect Hans Scharoun, that bequests from architects began to be received into the Archive. This publication offers for the first time a comprehensive overview of the archives of architects, engineers, landscape architects, architectural photographers and critics, all of which have been bequeathed to the Architectural Archive of the Akademie der Kunste. All 71 archives and 80 collections are introduced with brief biographies of the original authors and descriptions denoting the nature and scope of the holdings. Friedrich Gilly from the PreuBische Akademie der Kunste is, among others, represented with drawings. A particular abundance of documentation reflects the era of Expressionism following the First World War with the works of Hugo Haring, Hans Scharoun, Bruno Taut, Hans and Wassili Luckhardt, Alfons Anker, Paul Goesch, Adolf Behne and Heinrich Lauterbach. The archives of Richard Ermisch, Paul Baumgarten and Thilo Schoder date back as far as the 1920s. Particular emphasis is laid upon those architects forced to emigrate after 1933, among their number Gabriel Epstein, Julius Posener, Konrad Wachsmann, Adolf Roding and Harry Rosenthal. The post-war period and the 1960s are represented by the archives of Max Taut, Walter Rossow, Dieter Oesterlen, Bernhard Pfau, Ludwig Leo, Bernhard Hermkes, Helmut Hentrich, Werner Hebebrand, Hermann Henselmann, Werner Duttmann, Friedrich Spengelin and Heinz Graffunder. Archives and collections extending into the 21st century emanate from Kurt Ackermann, Hans-Busse von Busse, Peter von Seidlein, Manfred Sack, Jorg Schlaich, Szyszkowitz + Kowalski, Haus-Rucker-Co, Valentien + Valentien, Arno Brandlhuber and Ian Ritchie.

This publication also provides an overview of the history of the Architectural Archive and, with 906 images, sets out a selection of around 350,000 drawings and plans, 100,000 photographs, 450 models and provides over and above a very substantial amount of written archival materials. Most of the holdings may also be viewed online at https://archiv.adk.de.