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Carved in Stone

Ian Ritchie Architects are delighted to have been selected as one of five winners of the Cosentino Carved in Stone competition.

Open to the 49 winners of the RIBA National Awards 2018, the competition sought sculptural designs for a single 0.5 metre cube of marble based on the theme ‘Life on Mars’.

Our approach to the Carved in Stone brief of ‘Life on Mars’ looks at our dependence on the computer age and our future living symbiotically with Artificial Intelligence.
The marble represents the confluence of binary code and ancient Chinese puzzles.

It consists of three spheres of increasing size encased within a cube. The spheres rotate freely within each other and within the binary cube shell. The spheres represent the gyrating core of future propulsion and the layered mineral cores beneath. Marble, carved, cut and formed to symbolise the digital-analogue future and visually translates the brief of the stone age to the space age.

The sculpture will be revealed during the London Design Festival 2019. The festival runs from 14th – 22nd of September and The Cosentino City London showroom will be open Monday 16th – Friday 20th of September.