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Forum: The Idiot Brain, Tuesday 3 December

The second season of events at Walmer Yard looks at how the senses affect our perception of architecture.

Ian Ritchie is invited to lead ‘Forum’ Walmer Yard’s reading group and for this edition his chosen text is The Idiot Brain by Dean Burnett.

Dean Burnett is a neuroscientist, lecturer, author, blogger, podcaster, pundit, science communicator and comedian. Previously employed as a psychiatry tutor and lecturer at the Cardiff University Centre for Medical Education, Dean is currently an honorary research associate at Cardiff Psychology School, as well as a Visiting Industry Fellow at Birmingham City University.

Event details
Tue, 3 December 2019
19:00 – 20:30

Walmer Yard
235–239 Walmer Road
London W11 4EY

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