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6th Graz Architecture Lectures 2019

Ian Ritchie has been invited to speak at the Graz Architecture Lectures by the Institute for Buildings and Energy Graz University of Technology.

The symposium will take place on 11th March 2019 and will feature international architects, artists and theorists who will present their latest projects and research on urban development, cultural theory, the social practice of architecture, the interface between architecture and art, and digital design.

Ian’s talk is ‘Designing with the Mind in Mind’.

Other speakers are:

Petra Petersson (Dean Faculty of Architecture, TU Graz): Welcoming Address
Robin van den Akker (Erasmus University College Rotterdam): On Metamodernism
Irene Pérez and Jaume Mayol (TEd’A arquitectes, Palma de Mallorca): We Are Where We Are
Anton Falkeis (falkeis2architects, Vienna-Vaduz; University of Applied Arts, Vienna): Active Buildings_Innovation for Architecture in Motion
Dragan Živadinov (Ljubljana): Fifty-Year Theatre Performance, Noordun 1995-2045
Manuel Jimenez Garcia and Gilles Retsin (The Bartlett School of Architecture): The Age of Automation
Josep Ferrando (Josep Ferrando Architects, Barcelona): Flexible System
Matthias Armengaud (AWP, Paris): Planning the Instable
Jose Alfredo Ramirez (Groundlab; AA London): Towards a Territorial Praxis: Design Agency within Landscape Practices
Anselm Wagner (Vice Program Director, Faculty of Architecture, TU Graz): Closing Words

The location of the talks is Kronesgasse 5, 1st floor, 8010 Graz

Watch Ian Ritchie’s lecture