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Knowledge Innovation Centre in Tripoli, Lebanon

Ian Ritchie Architects recently took part in the International Competition for the design of a Knowledge Innovation Centre in Tripoli (Lebanon).

First prize was given to MDDM – architects Imad Aoun and Nadim Younes; second prize to Dagher Hanna and Partners and third prize to Arquivio Architects. A number of honourable mentions were also given. We would like to congratulate our successful competitors.

One of the documents included in the brief was an extensive geotechnical investigation report, stating that the water table should be considered to lie 5.5 m below existing ground level. Based on this design constraint and IRAL’s commitment to creating buildable, environmentally sound and economic architecture, our initial concept of a completely subterranean design evolved into a
proposal with one level above and one level below ground.

It was surprising to see that both first and second prize winners presented concepts closely resembling ours with the difference that they proposed two and three subterranean levels respectively.