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Cyfarthfa Plan Launch 12 January 2021

The Cyfarthfa Plan was launched today via an online event, hosted by Merthyr Tydfil Council and the Cyfarthfa Foundation headed by Cllr Thomas and Cllr Mytton, and Geraint Talfan Davies of the Cyfarthfa Foundation.

The Cyfarthfa Plan film offering an overview of what it will bring to Merthyr Tydfil was followed by a panel discussion with members of the Cyfarthfa Plan Team. Chaired by Carole-Anne Davis of the Design Commission for Wales, this discussion summarised the importance of this 20-year Plan, explored the community potential, the transformation of the landscape and its focus on the environment, as well as the wider socioeconomic benefits the Plan will bring to the town, the Valleys and Wales. Present from the team were Ian Ritchie and Jonathan Shaw of Ian Ritchie Architects, Mary Bowman of Gustafson Porter + Bowman, and Dan Anderson of Fourth Street.

The 20-year Cyfarthfa Plan is the result of 12-month’s work by a multi-disciplinary team led by Ian Ritchie Architects. Commissioned by Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, it was unanimously approved by the council in November 2020. A new company has been formed – The Cyfarthfa Foundation – to take the scheme forward.

The objective of this work was to imagine ways to reinvigorate the historic assets and imagine outstanding complementary and contemporary ideas which would elevate the expanded 100 hectare park, and re-energise the people’s pride in their history, culture and environment.

When followed through, the Cyfarthfa Plan will be recognised as a leading exemplar of the necessary will power and vision to remake our cities and towns as living and sustainable habitats in harmony with nature.

Ian Ritchie said: “The potential of this plan is huge. It represents a new approach that combines not only history, heritage, buildings and tourism but also social and structural renewal. The well-being of people is central to the project. We all need space and we all need hope, and we all need things that will inspire us. Within this plan, and within this community, lies an energy that will carry people through to a happier place”.

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Cyfarthfa Plan film produced by Orchard